Technical Editing

Are you a knitwear or crochet designer looking for a technical editor? This page is full of information to help you understand my services and why I can help you.

Please see my FAQ or email me to get started.



Services I offer to designers:

- Grade patterns to multiple sizes.

- Produce a pattern template for you to create great-looking published patterns.

- Produce written instructions from charts, or create charts from written instructions.

- Creating, or helping to refine and develop your very own style guide.


Full technical editing of knitting and crochet patterns  includes: 

- Check all maths.

- Check sizing and gauge.

- Check stitch counts for accuracy.

- Check the dimensions of the finished garment against the gauge given.

- Check schematics and/or charts for accuracy.

- Check any tutorials or special instructions to make sure they're easy to read.

I will also: 

- Make sure supplies are clearly listed

- Check for consistency within the pattern from beginning to end.

- Check for grammatical errors.

- Make sure the style guide is consistent throughout.

- Make sure rows and/ or rounds are noted correctly.

- Make sure abbreviations are used correctly and consistently.


I charge the same hourly rate for all the above services: £16 an hour, billed in completed 15-minute blocks.

As a rough guide, I expect a full tech edit of a fairly well-written pattern to take around:

- Schematic for a garment - 45 minutes.

- Tech edit on a basic one-size accessory - 1.5 hours.

- Tech edit on a complex/ Multi-size accessory - 2-2.5 hours.

- Grading and tech edit on a multi-size adult garment - 3+ hours.

These times are only a guide and will vary from designer to designer, and even pattern to pattern.

There are a few things that can add to the time taken:

- Not having a style guide or at least a clear idea of what you want your style to be.

- Charts as well as written instructions that need to be checked over.

- The stage where I am sent the pattern, an early draft is going to take longer than a pattern in its 'final' format.

I will ALWAYS give you an estimate of how long I expect a pattern to take before I start work, and will always keep you updated if I think the work is going to take longer than originally expected. 

For new clients, I like to have a quick chat, either via Zoom or on the phone before I start, just to gain a little bit of an understanding about what it is you are looking for and to make sure that I am doing everything I can to create the best patterns for you. 

Once the process is done, but before I send your shiny finished pattern back to you I like to print out the pattern and do a final proofread to make sure everything is perfect - this is free of charge and I'll get it done ASAP!


I have experience working with both independent designers as well as publishers and yarn companies. If you think I may be of help to you, please email me with any questions, or to get the ball rolling.