Pack of 11 floral embroidery designs, pre-transferred onto soluble interfacing ready to stitch! Perfect for stitching in embroidery hoops, on to clothing, bags, and great for experimenting!

To use these stick and stitch designs, simply peel off the backing paper of the design, stick onto the desired area of fabric, and embroidery with your chosen colours. Once completes, wash away the pattern with warm water to leave your stitching behind.

What's included:
* 11 floral stick and stitch patterns
- 1 large flower with leaves - 3.2in x 2.3in
- 1 medium flower with leaves - 2.5in x 2.4in
- 1 medium flower - 2in x 1.9in
- 1 large foliage - 3.5in x 2in
- 1 medium foliage - 2.6in x 2in
- 1 small foliage - 2.2in x 1.8in
- 2 branch foliage - 3.1in x 1.7in
- 3 small flowers - 1.1in x 1.1in
* Instruction sheet
* (If requested) PDF stitch guide

Please Note: This pack does not contain a colour guide or step by step guide. They are created to have fun with and experiment with different techniques. I can however include a PDF stitch guide - demonstrating popular stitches. Please ask for his as it will NOT be sent automatically!

***Please do not sell the patterns or designs included in the pack.
You may sell finished pieces from the designs, however, you MUST credit me on doing so @juniperandacorn -***

Stick and Stitch Embroidery Patterns